All dishes are served with a choice of rice, naan,
chapati or chips. 

*(Lamb dish 50p extra)

Chicken/Lamb Korma  £8.95
Chicken/Lamb cooked in cream, coconut & almond
powder in a creamy sauce

Chicken/Lamb Maughlai  £8.95
Chicken/Lamb cooked with almond powder, coconut,
fresh egg in a thick sauce

Chicken Shahi  £8.95
Coarsely chopped barbecued chicken & pieces
of chicken tikka, cooked in a royal sauce &
flavoured with five spices

Chicken Special  £8.95
Chicken cooked in a mild sauce with mangoes,
dressed with banana

Chicken/Lamb Pasanda  £8.95
Cooked with cream, almond powder in a creamy
sauce along with sultanas &  yogurt

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Makhani  £8.95
Barbecued chicken/lamb cooked with Indian spicy
sauce & fresh tomato sauce

Chicken/Lamb Rogan Josh  £8.95
Chicken/Lamb cooked with mixed indian
spices, tomatoes & fresh peppers

Chicken/Lamb Kashmir 
Chicken/Lamb delicately flavoured with
fresh herbs & spices cooked with banana
& dressed with lychees

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Masala  £8.95
Barbecued chicken/lamb cooked in cream
& almond powder in a creamy rich sauce






To place an order for collection please call

02871 366 358

5PM - 11:30PM